May 2018

 "The band is back doing what they do best, which is mixing some crunchy, old-school-ish heavy metal with a heavy dose of melodic metal. Their brand of metal is rather accessible without sounding too commercial, with maybe the exception of a couple of tracks that are rather "inoffensive", sound-wise (a good way to attract the uninitiated listener into your metal trap). Vocalist John Perinbam still sounds great, with a very melodic, approachable style that delivers power and punch where needed."

March 2018

"There are moments when their music reminds us of something from US Metal (remembering: that mix of weight, aggressiveness and melodies that names as THE RODS and OMEN showed), on some others are as aggressive as TESTAMENT (with the same melodic notion), but always with a strong personality and tons of energy flowing into our ears, and a good technical level in each musical instrument. Their music is really great, with very good and charming choruses...."

The Pure Rock Shop


April 2005

"This band has it together, distinctive vocals with a band that is really tight and has their sound down! The album packaging is top notch, the cd artwork is excellent along with booklet (provided by Gyula Havanscak). Also worth mentioning is that the album was mixed and mastered by Canadian guitar/thrash legend Jeff Waters (Annihilator) excellent work Jeff! I am sure some major label will scoop up this band soon if not already, they are the complete package and so professional even their website is A+. This album is a must own!!! Visit their website ... to pick up a copy now you will not be disappointed plus you will be doing your part to SUPPORT CANADIAN METAL!!! Mark my words IVORY KNIGHT is poised to be the new leaders of the Canadian Metal Movement!!!" - Dr. Steel


April 2005

"if you are fan of melodic, traditional heavy metal you must hear this album. Don't make the mistake and not hear it. Great also is the whole package, with a full color booklet and a professional CD...Excellent work, excellent music." - Antonis Maglaras

Behind the Veil

April 2005

"This is the second work of Ivory Knight and we find them more mature, musically speaking, and more certain for the kind of music they want to play. Undoubtedly their debut release was very interesting, but you had to listen to it more than once in order to fully understand it and capture its essence. "Unconscience" is a more straight forward classic heavy metal album. However, don't expect to listen to a "clever" repeptition of the main riffs of this genre. Each composition included here is a pleasant surprise! So, you will notice, in some songs, apart from the classic heavy metal elements, references to other genres like speed, black, progressive metal and even some hard rock influences. The musicians are very skillful and the orchestrations will keep your interest intact from the first till the last second. John's voice is great, he avoids the exaggerations that other singers do and gives an extra volume to the songs. I'd recommend you to listen to the album with headphones, cause this way you will understand the quality of this album better and more efficiently. The production is good, however, I'd like it to have more power and volume. Finally, behind the mastering and mixing of this album is the speed metal guitar god, JEFF WATERS. The friends of good classic heavy metal mustn't lose this album. I'm sure you are going to adore it!!!" - Nick "William_Kidd" Parastatidis

The Temple Of Metal

March 2005

"...I once said that Ivory Knight is Canada's best kept secret. So far (and after listening their brand new album) I haven't regret of saying so. Even if I'm overreacting (I am a simply human like you) I can't stop praising this act that keeps walking in its own lonely road (once again this is a self financed album). What makes Ivory Knight such a special band? Well I can't identify it, pin-point it if you prefer. Like all the things we call special in this world this band has something in the musical DNA that triggers red light in my mind...Truth is that 'Unconscience' is another brilliant album from this band. Find and listen it: its an order!" - Michael Dalakos


March 2005

"'Up From The Ashes' is great opener with varied timings especially around the solo sectionand the solo? It rips!... Ivory Knight are a bit of a rarity for Canadian metal...this CD will see the guys get recognized as one of the best bands in this style of metal from Canada." - Evil G


Oct 2001

"The first song that really grabbed me was 'Perfect 10'... firmly mid-paced but still manages to show off the vocals of John Perinbam and the guitar fireworks of Rob Gravelle... Gravelles solos are highlights in almost every song. ...standouts on the disc include the ballad 'Picture of Innocence', the more aggressive 'Shattered Glass' (great vocals here from Perinbam), and the smooth 'Last Dance'. ...very solid and easily recommendable to all fans of hard rock and melodic metal." - Waspman


June 2001

"'Into The Black' grabbed my ear and the chorus really sticks with you with its strong and powerful vocals...Its clear this guys forte is his lead playing because he can totally shred when required!..The drums, vocals, bass and guitars all prove that there is some serious talent in the band..." -EvilG


"...The skill level is most assuredly there... This is very powerful in delivery, style, and variety... Metalheads will want to hear this band. Ivory Knight is good enough to have a mainstream appeal similar to that of Priest, Sabbath, Megadeth, or Metallica...there is a need for a new brigade of groups that understand the structure and discipline needed to perform this kind of music, and Ivory Knight possesses the strength and power that backs that manner of thinking up with unshaking confidence and skill." - Heidi Drockelman

The Temple of Metal (Greece)

"What can I say? CD like this made me love heavy metal music. Ivory Knight has in their music all those elements that make us so special. Melodic power metal with classic influences, they will remind you old Queensryche and other neoclassical intriguing metal bands!

'Up from the ashes' is the band's second album, first one titled 'Voices in your nightmare', both self financed that makes me really pissed! Can’t believe that bands like Ivory Knight lacks a contract! With so many classic moments, so many melodic and heart felt performances this work will stick in your heart and mind for long time!

From the attack opening of "Into the Black" and "Yesman" to the excellent ballad "Picture of innocence" and the ultra catchy "Last dance" and the groovy "True signs of life" this album has it all. Let’s also add the incredible performance of the band's singer John Devadasan Perinbam, who also plays bass and has done the production / artwork!!!

Come to think of it, I don’t recall one single band from Canada that lacks quality. So yes I will make the next statement: 'Ivory Knight is Canada’s best kept secret'…" - Michael Dalakos

Transcending The Mundane (USA)

Issue #21

Another great Canadian band...They write catchy songs, have professional musicianship, and have a very good vocalist....Perinbam reminds me of a cross of Barren Cross' Mike Lee and Bruce Dickinson. There's a lot to like on Up From The Ashes. Once this band gets signed, which is inevitable, they will gain loyal fans because they are obviously all about quality...83/100 - Brett Van Put

Candour Magazine (Sweden)

Vol. 1, Number 1

"Amazing!...I was hooked. This is some of the most catchy hard rock / metal material I've heard in a long time....still retaining enough power and energy to make it interesting...Incredible what great songs they managed to pen...nothing short of excellence...." - Martin Carlsson

Rock Express (Canada)

June 25, 1988

"...Their demo blew me away! Ivory Knight's material is strong and the performance totally unexpected. The vocals of John Perinbam jumped right off the tape, and the production touches were just fine..." - Jim Hurcomb